Friday, April 23, 2010

Speechless and appreciating

To all those people who leave me speechless.

.......when you leave me speechless; brain going a million miles an hour but not fast enough to process what you said.

You put me off balance, physically shifting my position. Leaning back. Taking it in. My eyes looking up - trying to see how the pieces fit together.

WOW. Really? Did you just say that? Did you just do that? What does that mean? You surprised me and I'm surprised that I'm surprised. I'm appreciating.

I heard what you SAID and I HEARD what you DID. I didn't just listen. I HEARD.

Now I'm challenged to make it part of me. Give me a minute, a day, or a year. It may take that long.

I love the challenge. Thank you and please keep doing it.

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