Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rhubarb, Pogo Sticks and Pompoms

  • The smell of lilacs from the bushes in the backyard
  • The simplicity of dirt, water and what they could be
  • The afternoons spent with my Barbies on the front porch
  • The determination of making the swing go even higher
  • The belief that THIS year the rhubarb that I pulled from the ground would be sweet, not bitter
  • The stain of green on my hands and the smell of green in the air as I tended to the garden
  • The silence of the earth while lying back in a fresh blanket of snow
  • The sense of adventure, taking off for the day on my bike - new places to find my independence
  • The excitement of slumber parties - the danger of the Ouija board and the endless giggles
  • The competition of who could stay under water the longest
  • The disappointment of just how boring a pogo stick was
  • The nights of potential at the roller rink, pompoms on my skates, comb in my back pocket
  • The first and last days of school
What do you remember?

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