Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Is Your Love Broken? Change the Game You're Playing

When you find yourself spending most of your conversation trying to prove that the person you're supposedly in love with is wrong, you need to give it up.

Are you pleading your case? Offering evidence in an effort to win? Wanting to be right?

Is that the GAME you REALLY want to win? Being right?

REMEMBER, this is the person you supposedly love.
The ONE you couldn't wait to see.
The ONE whose smell was so hypnotic that you would sleep with a piece of their clothing.
The ONE you loved to make smile, whose touch you could get lost in.
The ONE you started missing even before you left.
The ONE who redefined winning because nothing was won without them feeling like they were winning too.

Why don't you take all that energy you're spending on proving that you're right and put it into the GAMES worth winning - all the things you would do if they were still the ONE:
  • Being named their #1 fan
  • Finding a way to put a smile on their face
  • Always knowing how their day is going
  • Sharing your biggest victories and your smallest irritations
  • Being the safest place for each other, your shelter, your sanctuary
And if you find yourself explaining why it's impossible to play any of these GAMES because you need to win at being right first, the likelihood is that you don't even like them anymore. THAT IS OKAY!!!! Stop holding onto the need to assign blame or be defensive. Let them go. Stop trying to fix it. There's nothing to fix. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with them. You just don't fit together. Like puzzle pieces, when they don't fit together, we don't blame them or think they are broken, we just move on in search of the piece that does fit.

WHAT GAME are you playing?

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