Thursday, July 19, 2012

Moving On

I helped a friend move yesterday.

But that wasn't all it was.
  • It was me showing up because showing up was the right thing to do (and I need to do more of that).
  • It was watching my friend be strong enough to let people help her and let them see her sad.
  • It was watching a community of friends each do a part to get a job done.
  • It was meeting new people and hearing about their lives.
But that wasn't all it was.
  • It was a deep karmic story of one friend repaying another.
Ginger and Trixie had been good friends when the news came. Ginger's husband's plane was missing with him and three of their kids. In the wake of that new and the ensuing days of waiting for the final word, Trixie moved in with Ginger to help in any way she could. Bad news came and Ginger's family and friends stepped through life's days because there was no other choice. After a year, Ginger moved her family into a new home, a new beginning, leaving the old house with its whispers of a past life. Unable to tame the overwhelming sadness the house delivered with each visit, it was never completely emptied and not put up for sale.

Fast forward.

Trixie had loved Jack for years. They had been together before, for years, and then taken a break only to rekindle a love that felt destined. Once again, together for years, Trixie thought this was it. But Jack felt differently and like glass shattering on granite, her vision of the future was in pieces, never to be put back together the same way.

And so it was meant to be. 

It just so happens that one of the things Trixie is really good at is house projects and inserting style and color into a home. And Ginger needed her lonely, sad house to be given some love.

So, Trixie moved in.

But that wasn't all it was.
  • It was two friends being brave in their own ways. Ginger letting life back into the quiet house. Letting go. Moving on.
  • Trixie quickly moving out and on and in....and into Ginger's, again, but this time it was to fiercely taking care of herself.
  • It was about both of them moving through beginnings and endings and accepting a life they didn't choose.
It was another reason to be proud of the people in my life.

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