It doesn't matter what I'm working on, I see the process for creating change to be the same. It's what I call my formula for BLOOMING:

knowingness  + ritual  +  action

Knowingness. The key to any successful change is to start with data about where you are and what you want. I call this knowingness.

When I coach people, I take them through a process of defining their personal wants: who & how they want to be, what they want to do, what they want to have, and what they want to feel. Once they have this #knowingness, they have a place to start.

When I coach teams, I take them through a process of discovering their individual strengths and how their individual strengths help or hinder the team so that they can create better interactions.

When I work on programs as a Change Leader, my mission is to get everyone to become a fanatic about the To Be state they are trying to achieve. This knowingness of where they are trying to go helps them understand all the things that have to change to get there.

Ritual. Once you have #knowingness, you can start to identify the rituals, practices and processes you need to put into place to get what you want.

With people, I explore daily practices, habits of thinking, interactions with others, and rhythms. We also delve into their belief system so that any new rituals align and are supported by what they believe.

With teams, we examine current interactions (what works and what doesn't), how team composition affects those interactions, and implement proven process steps to improve the results of the teams' interactions, with special focus on the specific strengths and weaknesses of that team.

With programs, there are two filters I apply to any Change undertaking.
  1. How do I equip a project team understand and own their role in identifying and facilitating change? In any sizable project, it's virtually impossible for a single Change Lead to successfully identify all of the project's impacts. Projects are successful when it's project members understand that each of them should be always wearing a "Change Lead Hat" and contributing to the overall project change plan.
  2. What levers of change need to be employed to ensure that stakeholders progress through the change curve at the appropriate pace from project inception to implementation to adoption & sustain? The goal is to create a Change Plan that accounts for the end-to-end process and succeeds at getting impacted stakeholders heads, hearts and hands around why they should make a change.
Action. This is the fun part. It's putting all the work into play. Trying it out. Seeing if it works. Making it work. Iterating. Getting results.

And then moving onto the next change.....   :-)