Saturday, January 29, 2011

100 I believe's.....

  1. I believe that you can choose to be happy in most moments
  2. I believe that happy and sad aren't mutually exclusive
  3. I believe that everyone's truth is different
  4. I believe you can always find something to appreciate
  5. I believe people are beautiful - they rock
  6. I believe what you appreciate appreciates
  7. I believe procrastination is a bad habit that I'm good at, unfortunately
  8. I believe everyone can change - neuroplasticity
  9. I believe smiling is a fantastic practice
  10. I believe friends are priceless
  11. I believe cheese does make it taste better
  12. I believe I learn from my kids all the time
  13. I believe even when I'm failing, I'm succeeding
  14. I believe I get better as I get older
  15. I believe books are treasures - you never know what you're going to get
  16. I believe in the energy of people
  17. I believe you can have fun anywhere with anyone doing anything
  18. I believe in the moment when the dots connect
  19. I believe in talking
  20. I believe you can speak and not say a word
  21. I believe the sky provides an unending source of beauty
  22. I believe you create your reality by how you think
  23. I believe being in a place you've never been before is incredibly enjoyable
  24. I believe some days you should set a goal of making people smile
  25. I believe in taking emotional risks
  26. I believe in sharing more than I should
  27. I believe that some of the best conversations are the ones I have with myself
  28. I believe the universe speaks, but sometimes you have to listen closely
  29. I believe a lot of things are worth repeating
  30. I believe there might be something to the idea of manifestation
  31. I believe I would be better if I slept more, meditated, and drank more water
  32. I believe that personal reflection creates a pivot point
  33. I believe in getting excited
  34. I believe in being silly - no matter what others think
  35. I believe in the value of everyone expressing their opinion
  36. I believe in saying, "What the hell......I'll see what happens." occasionally
  37. I believe that money should be used to facilitate experiences
  38. I believe in being curious
  39. I believe I'm right where I'm supposed to be
  40. I believe in random acts of kindness
  41. I believe in asking yourself who and how you want to be in life and figuring out if you are showing up that way
  42. I believe doubt is a mortal enemy
  43. I believe being stuck is one of the worst things
  44. I believe that you should set a goal of finding a way to bloom in existence, not just exist
  45. I believe that my job as a parent is to help my kids have knowingness about who and how they want to be, what they want to do, what they want to have
  46. I believe in trying to fill up my life with more wants and minimizing the shoulds
  47. I believe that a lot of our existence is driven by fear and once we understand the reward of stepping across the line of fear, we'll do it more often
  48. I believe by traveling across lands or across viewpoints, we can see that there are valid places beyond those that exist in our minds
  49. I believe in cognitive dissonance. I don't like it but I believe in it
  50. I believe the tangled webs we weave are difficult to escape but beautiful nonetheless
  51. I believe that life is a delicious comedy
  52. I believe in deep breaths
  53. I believe in setting life to music as much as possible
  54. I believe that I'm a looong ways from perfect - would perfect be boring?
  55. I believe in renewal
  56. I believe in resilience
  57. I believe in feeding yourself the way you need to be fed
  58. I believe the moments I'm left speechless are priceless
  59. I believe some people are toxic and you should try not to get detoured by them
  60. I believe the only way you can truly understand opportunity costs is by achieving knowingness
  61. I believe in training your brain
  62. I believe giving, taking and sharing moments
  63. I believe in surrounding myself with people that support me, challenge me, remind me
  64. I believe that people, ideas, moments are the "dots" of my life and at the end of my life, they will be connected to see the picture of me
  65. I believe it only takes a moment to change me
  66. I believe in baby steppin....chunking it up
  67. I believe you can keep going long after you think you can't
  68. I believe everything changes, either because it changes or you change
  69. I believe today is different from yesterday and tomorrow will be different from today as it will be the accumulation of all the yesterdays
  70. I believe simple, happy moments accumulate into a spectacularly happy life
  71. I believe in following your bliss
  72. I believe it's important to have people that expect you to be someone
  73. I believe that it's okay not to listen to everyone
  74. I believe we are all students and we are all teachers
  75. I believe in sinking into the moments ripe with calm
  76. I believe that everything in the universe is within you
  77. I believe we should dream and dreams inform you about what to do now
  78. I believe presence makes you aware of absence. It’s not until you step into the light, that you can see how much you were in the dark
  79. I believe it's never too early or too late to be who you want to be
  80. I believe there's an appropriate time to repress or ignore
  81. I believe that a week without pizza is.....well....a week without pizza
  82. I believe that hate is an unproductive emotion
  83. I believe that you can see energy
  84. I believe in karma and yin yang
  85. I believe bad is on the way to good. The good isn’t as good without the bad. It’s all part of the journey
  86. I believe in trusting my intuition. I might fight with myself about doing it, but I believe in it
  87. I believe it’s not just about the details. Sometimes it’s about the big picture
  88. I believe I’m horrible about keeping good surprises to myself
  89. I believe in the power of words
  90. I believe I can talk to anyone
  91. I believe that rules are made to be broken
  92. I believe in messing up
  93. I believe in giving yourself over to the possibilities
  94. I believe in closing your eyes and soaking it in
  95. I believe in learning
  96. I believe it’s all good
  97. I believe you can be everything all at once
  98. I believe in the spark in people’s eyes
  99. I believe in faith in the future, me, and the power of people
  100. I believe in Michele’s world



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  2. I like this...I'm going to make a list myself! I'll probably find out things I didn't even realize about myself, which will help me on my journey!